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Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Constellations For Each Character – 2024 Guide

In the latest issue of English Weekly (the magazine for Japanese learners), the world of anime came crashing down on me. I was reading about the ongoing manga series Genshin Impact (all about the Jyuunagi, aka the constellation Sagittarius), and preparing to write about the manga, when it occurred to me that there was no English version of it. Not so surprising, since it’s only being published in Japan. I found out that the manga was being written by a guy called Fumiaki Maruto, who also wrote a series of books about the Zodiac, which I have reviewed here in English Weekly. On top of that, he’s also written the Genshin Impact prequel manga, which you can

If you are a fan of the game Fire Emblem Awakening, then you have probably already discovered the incredible amount of content available within the game. Some of the most exciting content is locked behind a series of constellations. For older games, the constellations have made a large comeback as well. One of the best features is being able to unlock constellations with the help of friends.

The Genshin Impact series was created because Shimura is passionate about knowing the constellations of each character in the anime they are working on. The constellations are used in all sorts of places throughout the anime. From the character’s personal constellation to their home and school’s constellations to the constellations of the places they visit. These constellations in the works have been chosen for any character who has appeared briefly with no unique constellation. The constellations may also have been chosen from the manga or light novel. Each character has a unique constellation.

Constellations are like additional benefits or abilities for each character in Genshin Impact.

Several constellations are available for each character, most of which are designed to enhance existing skills.

Find out how to unlock the constellations in Genshin Impact.

Unlocking Formations


You still need special equipment to unlock the constellations, and it’s different for each character.

For your main character, you need a material called Memory of Roving Gales.

You can only unlock constellations in the order you specify. This means that you can’t go looking for your favorite constellation right away, you have to unlock all the previous constellations first.

Other characters need their own item (Stella Fortuna) to unlock constellations.

Unfortunately, other characters can only get them through wishes (Gachapon).

How to Get Memories of Roving Gales


There are three ways to get the Roving Gales memory:

  • The reward for completing the main task
  • Adventure Grade Reward
  • Gift shop

For example, when your adventurer reaches rank 27, your character gains the memory Wandering Winds.

You can also purchase a souvenir from the hike at Moon City’s gift shop for 225 Anemo seals. The one in Moon City is used to update the constellation for Anemo’s capabilities.

If you buy from Liyue, you’ll get a similar item (Memory of Unshakable Crystals), but it only works for the Geo constellation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock constellations in Genshin impact?

To unlock a constellation, you must complete the story mode.

Can you unlock characters in Genshin impact?

No, you can only unlock characters in Genshin Impact 2.

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