Can You Make Your Penis Bigger: Six Legit Strategies To Try

A massive schlong would make most men feel a lot more comfortable with their bodies, but not all swords are two-handed. Not all shotguns are loaded. Not all baguettes are made in France. Not all trees are Redwoods. Thankfully there are several techniques regarding how to make penis bigger. Just kidding. You may not make your dick huge, but you can make it look a bit bigger in a few of the following ways.

1. Stretching

Though this may sound like torture, this process relies on the use of a stretching device. More specifically, this is a penile traction device. These tools stretch a penis a little past its erection limit. Over time, this potentially increases the length of your penis very slightly. The odd study has shown this process may be effective as long as one does it consistently over the course of a few months. One must wear it for several hours a day in order for the device to yield some kind of result. As many as six hours could be necessary. Ultimately, this process brings about a three centimeter increase in the length of one’s penis at longest. Sometimes, this process does nothing, or the penis eventually reverts to its original size.

Perhaps this device is difficult to visualize. If so, these instructions for usage should shed a bit more light on the device. To commence usage, one must insert one’s penis into the device. The head is secured by a vice at the opposite end of the device. Make sure that the device’s tube grips the penis slightly. Gripping the far end of the tube, pull gently to the point right before which it starts to hurt. Overextending into painful territory is not going to increase your length any faster. Finally, leave your penis in the device for at least four hours.

2. Injections


One might consider injections for purposes of expanding one’s appendage. Similar to botox, there exist chemicals surgeons can inject into the penis in order to increase girth exclusively. These substances expand girth for a few months, after which the body absorbs those substances, and another injection is necessary. These injections never yield permanent results, but if you do not mind returning every half a year, then your prerogative is to maintain treatment. Another caveat is that, due to smooth muscles and small cavities in the physical makeup of the penis, poorly-placed injections might make your cock lumpy. No one likes a lumpy cock.

3. Medications

Not that you should purchase tactical cock-lengthening pills from 7/11, but erection medications like Viagra and Cialis can help firm up any erections you might have throughout the day. Who knows? Maybe you want an erection that lasts longer than four hours. With erection medications, erections stay harder and last longer. This might be just as good as making it longer in the first place.

4. Lose Weight


While this does not actually make you any longer, it might provide the illusion of being longer because part of the penis is hidden in overweight men. Excess weight can make your penis appear smaller than it actually is. This phenomenon even has a medical name: buried penis syndrome. When you have buried penis syndrome, your penis is not buried in the nice mom across the street! Rather, it is buried in your fat. Combine dietary improvements with enough exercise, and your penis may appear substantially larger. Losing weight may also improve stamina during sex! Fasting is particularly easy, but if you eat enough during your feeding window, then you may not lose any weight.

5. Implants

Typically, surgeons can place implants immediately under the skin of the penis in order to treat erectile dysfunction, though people can still undergo implant surgeries for cosmetic reasons. Similar to breast enlargement, silicon is used to make this happen, but the silicon sleeve can cost over 10,000 dollars, so your decision will be a big one, and it may yield a big one, too. Silicon implants can increase girth significantly, and this has made many men feel much more satisfied with their love lives. They and their partners report very high levels of satisfaction.

6. Shave


This is another superficial way to make your penis look longer than it really is. Trimming pubic hair can be just enough to make your penis look a little bigger. In spite of it not increasing length, you should consider doing it for no other reason than it being the easiest and most immediate thing to do on this list, as long as you have an electric razor. Shaving pubes with a manual razor will just exhaust the blade, so make sure you speed up the process with the right hardware, from electric razors to the odd lawnmower.

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