What Does the Bible Say About Refusing Medical Treatment?

Every religion in the world is a complex system, adopted by the believer by his own free will. Therefore, all the, let’s say, rules and principles are followed without anyone forcing people to follow them. We cannot do anything but agree that there is nothing as strong as the will of a believer. So, it can be quite hard to get on the same level with a believer on some topic that his religion is against.

When you understand that, it becomes obvious that someone doesn’t need to believe in God, but those people need to admit that there is an influence of a God. That doesn’t mean that there is no proof for God’s existence. If you want to take a look at some of these, My Real God is the right address. There are many topics religious people might consider controversial.

Let’s take a look at what God’s Book has to say about potentially rejecting medical attention.

What’s the Problem?


While this is not a known aspect, there are some Christians who do not think that seeking and receiving medicinal attention is a complement to their religious views. The reason is quite simple, asking for this sort of help shows the lack of confidence in God. We can draw an analogy between this occurrence and many others. For instance, when your car breaks down, driving to the nearest mechanics is a logical thing to do.

People who understand both concepts, religious and non-religious, would say that God can help, but he will not have enough motive to do it if you are not prepared to prepare yourself. Not to mention that there is no chance that every person can expect a miracle to happen. For that reason, it is not logical not to drink from both of these rivers, right?

What’s the Reality?


One of the best-known sentences in the Book that has to do something with healing can be found in Exodus. A lot of theologians say that this verse gives a mandate to people to heal. Furthermore, we can see that there are opinions about how this is a clear indication that every individual can seek and receive this sort of help. Besides that, there is a chance to cure that condition, and this chance shouldn’t be avoided.

Many other similar verses can be found if you take a careful look. For instance, we are talking about the book of Jeremiah, the book of Ezekiel, and the book of Isaiah. Not to mention that Apostle Luke has a famous verse about receiving this kind of help. If all of these verses are not proof of God’s approval towards receiving medicinal attention, we don’t know what is.


There are many parts of religion that many people do not understand, no matter how religious they are. However, it needs to be said that refusing medical treatment is simply not one of them. Here, you can take a look at a couple of proofs that this is the case.

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