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Maliwannabees (Rax or Max): Borderlands 3 Guide 2024

Many people have asked me what to expect from Borderlands 3, so I’ve decided to create a guide to help the community. This guide will include general information about the game, as well as tips on how to survive the game, how to play the game, what to expect in the game, and more.

Maliwannabees (Rax or Max): Borderlands 3 Guide Since there is no official way to start Borderlands 3 in Maliwannabees, I will be writing a guide on how to start Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3 (BL3) Borderlands 3 is a game filled with colorful characters, witty dialogues and a lot of humor.

In Borderlands 3, you’ll choose one of the four brand new playable characters, each with their own class and unique skillset. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the choices you have in Maliwan’s Borderlands 3 class system, and we’ll go over some of the choices that are only available to them.

Maliwannabees is a side quest you’ll encounter in Prometheus in Borderlands 3.

The mission is to kill the man who murdered Ziff’s family – either Rax or Max.

This is a walkthrough for Maliwannabees in Borderlands 3.

Recommended level: 10 or higher.

Going to the Scene of the Crime

Go to the crime scene to investigate the murder. You should find some body bags under the bridge.

Steering of Commercial Vehicles

The next container is the supply vehicle. It was destroyed, and you will hear Rax and Max say that they killed the family.

It’s like a contest to see who’s the worst guy ever.

Choose Who You Want to Kill, Rax or Max

Navigate to a location on the map to find Rax and Max together.

To go upstairs, use the elevator.

You’ll see Rax and Max, as well as other villains in the area.

If you kill one, the other becomes an ally who cannot be killed.

It doesn’t matter, because Ziff will ask you to go back and kill the other brother.

Back to Item

After you kill one of them, talk to Ziff. She will give you the optional goal of killing the second brother or completing the mission by talking to him.

If you just do your job, you make money. If you kill the second brother, you get more rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I kill Rax or Max Borderlands 3?

This is a tough question. Max is the protagonist of the series and it would be a shame to kill him off. Rax is the antagonist of the series and the game would be a lot different without him.

How do you complete Maliwannabees?


Should I pay Hardin Borderlands 3?

Yes, you should pay Hardin Borderlands 3.

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