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Chivalry 2 Combat Guide – Attacking, Parry Attacks, How to Counter Attack

Chivalry 2 is one of the best swordsman games ever made, and with a powerful new combat system, it’s brimming with great new ways to be a gentleman! This guide will show you how to master sword fighting in Chivalry 2.

1. Defensive Stance and Parry Attacks: There are three basic strategies for the defensive stance. First is to keep your back to a wall, as if you were in a defensive position with your arms up. Second is to face a wall, place your arms up, and then close your eyes. Third is to face a wall and strike towards the wall with your arms.


This Chivalry 2 battle guide will show you how battles work in the game, how to attack, defend, parry, and then counterattack your opponents. The battles in Chivalry 2 are 1-on-1 battles, like in the old Middle Ages, with swords, shields, arrows and spears.

First-person combat makes the experience more authentic, as you fight as knights and warriors like in the good old days. Sword wielding in light combat is a basic way to fight, but combining it with parrying, being able to parry and having a good defensive strategy is something that will always give you an advantage.

Chivalry 2 Battle manual

We have described in detail below how combat is played out in the game.


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Attacking in Chivalry 2 is not just about going up to your opponent and trying to hit him. You can strike first, but it’s not the most efficient way to fight in 1v1. It can end very badly for you if you don’t develop an attacking strategy, wait for your opponent and try to read his motivations and attack intentions.

Attacking with a few well-timed punches and then retreating to give your opponent a chance to block your punches is a very smart move. Indeed, you should expect your opponent to hit you as soon as he sees you. But if you make him run and miss his punches, you’re in a better position to finish him off with heavy punches and combos. The best way to attack is to defend yourself.

The knowledge of defense techniques such as shielding, dodging and parrying will make your attacks even stronger. With more practice and experience in 1v1, you will not only learn how to attack your opponents, but also how to attack wisely. If you play in first person and keep your sights on your target, you’ll be killed in an instant. That’s because your melee attacks need to land effectively.

If you strike with your head towards the target, you will almost certainly miss your sword, but if you strike with your head at the same time as you strike with your sword, your body will rotate with the strike and the strike will hit the target with full force. With each swing, try to turn your body in the direction of the swing.


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There are different defense techniques. It’s about blocking attacks with weapons and shields, parrying. Depending on the type of attack, the type of equipment you have, they will help you repel several or even the main attack of the enemy.

Blocking or parrying plays an important role in finding opportunities for a counterattack and deterring the opponent when using multiple attacks or combos.

Also remember that you won’t always be fighting in 1 vs 1. You will find that more than one opponent will attack you, especially if they have the initiative. While fighting with one opponent gives you more time to focus and think ahead to your opponent’s attacks, fighting with two or more targets at once forces you to be constantly on your guard.

Blocking with a weapon or shield gives you safety, but uses up your stamina. Each blocked hit consumes some of your stamina, and if you drain your stamina completely, your character drops the weapon and you’re disarmed. At this point, you’re just targets, and all you can do is run away if you can.

Here you need to develop a defensive strategy, know when to attack and come up with the best possible outcome against multiple opponents. Parry is the best way to counterattack, but against multiple targets your position in the fight is important.

If you’re surrounded by more than a few enemies on all sides, your only option is a horizontal sword strike. Pay close attention to your teammates, because you don’t want them to succumb to your attack.


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As we said earlier, parry prepares you for your opponent’s best counterattack. If you see your opponent attacking you, press Block or defend. If you manage to parry the blow, you create the perfect moment to launch a counterattack and hit your opponent.

A riposte is a quick attack that occurs shortly after a successful parry. Riposte encourages you to follow up on your attacks, rather than defending against incoming attacks and waiting for your stamina to run out and leave you vulnerable.


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Chivalry 2 has a revamped feint that allows you to switch to another attack in the middle of your first attack to confuse your opponent with a mind game. Not only does this give you a unique way to trick your opponent into taking a juicy shot, but it also lets your opponent guess what your next move will be.

It’s pretty easy to feint when you can quickly switch to another attack right after you throw the first one. This works if the opponent is expecting a hit with the first move, but the change completely opens him up for a quick hit to another body part. Read more guides to Chivalry 2: This concludes our guide to combat in Chivalry 2. Post your comments below.

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