Got an Anxious Pup? Here’s How Dog CBD Can Help

Having a pet is something that millions of people enjoy all over the world. The simple pleasure of taking care of a dog or cat that loves you is hard to describe. A dog’s selfless adoration and loyalty are things that most pet owners genuinely can’t imagine living without. Whether you are getting used to being a new dog parent, or you have a good faithful pet that’s getting on in years, the journey is such a good one.

That being said, the experience of having a dog is not without its challenges. Everything from buying all of the toys and equipment that it takes to have a dog, to the vet visits and learning how to incorporate healthy exercise into your schedule, all come with some challenges. For people who have had dogs their whole lives, the nuances and particulars of these challenges are nothing new, but for the new pet owner, they can seem overwhelming.

The good news is that even if it seems intimidating, learning how to take care of a dog is deeply rewarding and will be an effort well spent. One of the most common things for pet owners to deal with is separation anxiety in their dogs. If you are a new pet owner and have been experiencing anxiety in your pup, here is everything you need to know.

Anxiety in Dogs is Normal

The first thing you need to know is that anxiety is not uncommon in dogs. While there may not be any conclusive evidence about why this is, it is normal for pet owners to deal with anxiety in their dogs. Whether it’s because of a dog’s loyal pack nature that makes separating from their Alpha hard, or it could just be their breed and personality.

Whatever the reason, there are ways that you can help your dog become more emotionally stable and move away from anxiety. As a pet owner, this is a good goal to shoot for, and something that you can do. One tool that can help, especially if you find yourself in the throws of the new puppy parenthood and feel low on capacity, is dog cbd.

What is Dog CBD?


Dog CBD is an over-the-counter medication that is veterinarian approved, and is an all-natural supplement that can help promote rest and relaxation in your pup. CBD itself is a natural compound that is found in cannabis Sativa. While most cannabis products have been viewed as controversial over the years, CBD is unique in that it contains no mind-altering or addictive qualities.

Instead, CBD is an all-natural cannabinoid that naturally promotes feelings of rest and relaxation thanks to the fact that it interacts with the ECS or endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for several biological functions and is thought to play a vital role in the ability to achieve homeostasis. Because of this, CBD is considered an all-natural way of helping the body deal with stress and achieve relaxation and balance.

When it comes to using dog CBD, the good news is that this kind of medication is considered to be safe and not harmful. This is a great way to help your puppy take the edge off without any kind of risk. If your puppy suffers from separation anxiety or anxiety in general, this can be a lifesaver. Using dog CBD when you will be separated from your puppy for prolonged periods of time, or on road trips when being in the car might cause anxiety, can be a big help to your dog and you.

What Other Ways Can You Help Your Puppy Overcome Anxiety

While dog CBD is a wonderful supplement to use with your pup, there are also other methods of healthy coping that you should be using alongside your dog CBD. Here are some great ways to help encourage your dog’s emotional maturity so you can help them overcome their anxiety.

Regular Exercise


One of the best ways you can help support your pup and help them overcome anxiety is through regular exercise. Exercise helps them get rid of excess energy and can help them rest easier. This is something that you should be doing regularly, however, it can be a good idea to always exercise them before leaving if they deal with separation anxiety.

Use Toys

Another great way to help them deal with anxiety is to find a toy they love to play with. A chew toy especially can be a huge stress relief for a puppy. If you don’t have a toy for them to chew, it could cause their anxiety to spike.


Having a puppy that deals with anxiety can seem overwhelming sometimes, but remember that this can be normal. With healthy supplements like dog CBD, regular exercise, and their favorite toys – helping your pup overcome its anxiety is something you can do.

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