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11 Best FileLinked Codes [New Working Codes for June 2024]

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FileLinked codes will never be replaced. … There is a reason why they are the most reliable codes on the internet. They always work, and are easy to use. … Don’t believe the marketing hype about other file linked codes, they are just different versions of the same code.

In this article, we’ll look at the best FileLinked codes for streaming movies, shows, live streaming and more. The codes listed here also offer various useful services such as a cleaner, browser, etc. These codes have been restored for Amazon FireStick and Fire TV devices, Android TV, Android TV boxes and Android mobile devices.

FileLinked is a very popular application among Fire Stick users. This allows you to easily download multiple applications without having to search for them separately from different sources. If you don’t already have one, you can install Filelinked using the Downloader application.

User Warning: Read Before Proceeding

Governments and internet service providers around the world monitor the online activities of their users. If you are caught posting copyrighted material online, you could be in serious trouble. Your IP is currently visible to everyone. I highly recommend getting a good VPN and hiding your identity so your movie experience doesn’t become a bad one.

I use ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN in the industry. It is very easy to install on any device, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can always request a refund. ExpressVPN is also offering a special promotion where you can get free for 3 months and save 49% on an annual subscription of.

Here are the reasons why you should always use a VPN.

Read: To set up and use a VPN on the Firestick

FileLinked not only works great on the FireStick. It is also a great tool for Android TV devices, as well as Android mobile devices.

Note that FileLinked itself does not host or offer any downloadable applications or services. FileLinked codes are required to download and install desired applications or services.

Since FileLinked is a completely free service, there are literally hundreds of codes. Anyone can create a FileLinked store. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find the best FileLinked codes that will really meet your needs.

I’ve been using the FileLinked APK for a while now. I’ve found some good codes over the years. So I thought I’d share a few with you. So, before you list the best FileLinked codes with their pin codes.

The Best File Codes for Movies, Tv Shows and Live Broadcasts

Movies, TV series and live streaming are the most popular content categories. So I decided to post the best FileLinked codes you can use to deliver your favorite content.

All FileLinked codes listed below are universal. This means they offer apps/APKs for just about any type of content you want to watch, including movies, TV shows, live streaming, etc.

1. File bound code 51829986

Name: Stream & Tech NU
PIN : Not required
Number of applications : 500+
Categories: Films & TV-series, Live streaming, Utilities, Changing applications

This is one of the most useful and comprehensive FileLinked codes you will find on the internet. Stream & Tech NOW has just about every free streaming app and service you can think of.

Whether you’re looking for TV shows and movies or apps to watch live TV, you’ll find them in this collection of over 500 apps and services. This file linking code provides popular applications for FireStick such as Cinema HD, CyberFlix, Mobdro, Live Net TV and many more.

In addition to the normal versions of third-party streaming applications, you can also download custom versions from this FileLinked store. For example, 51829986 offers ad-free versions of Cinema HD, Bee TV and others.

In addition to third-party applications, you can also find many interesting manuals and video guides for various devices in this store.

Stream & Tech NOW is simply one of the best FileLinked codes for FireStick/Lite and all other compatible devices.

2. File bound code 222222

Name: APK Store
PIN by NewTech : 4754
Number of requests : 100+
Categories: Television programmes and films, live broadcasting, public services

NewTech’s APK Store is another great place to find tons of apps and utilities for the FireStick and other Android devices.

This file code contains many important third-party applications, such as Cinema APK, CyberFlix, Bee TV and many others.

You can also find dozens of useful applications like Mouse Toggle. Moreover, you can find both the latest and older versions of Kodi.

In this FileLinked store, you can also download custom, ad-free versions of many popular applications.

You can also get third-party media players like MX Player and MV Cast Player with this code.

3. Code 85810914

Name: Electric PIN MD
: Not required
Number of applications : 40+
Categories: Utilities, movies, TV programs

This Electrical MD file code doesn’t have as many uses as the others, but it’s still a decent collection.

While many other FileLinked codes include dozens of applications, this code is limited to the applications you will actually use.

You’ll find everything from popular movie and TV apps to the best live TV services.

The most popular applications in this store are Cinema APK, CyberFlix, Mobdro, Live Net TV, and many others.

You can also download different versions of Kodi, including versions with pre-installed Kodi builds (Xanax and Xenon).

Try it. This is a good place.

4. Code for the file: 67664537

Name: Stream It All
PIN : Not required
Number of applications : More than 250 categories
: Movies, TV shows, anime, live streaming, games, utilities

If you’re looking for a single solution for all your streaming needs, check out this code.

Stream It All, as the name suggests, offers a number of applications that allow you to stream almost anything. Find apps for movies, TV shows, anime and more.

As you’d expect, it includes popular apps like Cinema, CyberFlix, Bee TV, Mobdro and many more. There are also customized versions of these applications.

But that’s not all. You will also find a wide range of high-quality applications in many other categories. For example, this FileLinked store offers a customized version of YouTube called Smart YouTube TV, which allows you to watch videos without ads.

There are also all-in-one applications that provide live and on-demand TV content.

You also get quick access to streaming sites like USTVGO and others.

5. File bound code 71607934

Name: FireTVSticks
PIN : Not required
Number of applications : More than 200 categories
:  Movies, TV series, anime, live streaming

If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, the FireTVSticks FileLinked code is definitely worth a try. Find a selection of apps for FireStick and Fire TV devices. However, the applications work just as well on any Android box or Android smart TV.

This file-linked code contains just about every streaming app you want on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you like to watch content on demand, there are apps like Cinema HD and CyberFlix. If you need apps to watch live TV shows, there are Mobdro, Live Net TV, and others.

You can also find many useful applications and tools in the FireTVSTicks store. They have an app called Blokada that lets you block ads in third-party apps. You can also purchase CetusPlay, which replaces the FireStick remote. You can also download Mouse Toggle and many other applications.

This FileLinked store also offers custom versions of many applications.

Overall, FireTVSticks is one of the best file transfer codes for your Fire TV and Android TV devices.

Other File-related Codes for FireStick and Android Tv Devices

Although I have listed the top 5 FileLinked codes above, there are many other codes that may be of interest to you. So, here’s a quick summary:

11039868 : This code from NxtLvLTech includes many applications for on-demand and live shows. In addition to the popular apps, you’ll find a number of useful apps to help you use your Fire TV Stick and Android TV more efficiently. This FileLinked code has almost 300 applications.

32364318 : Like the other FileLinked codes on this list, it includes almost all of the most popular streaming apps for watching on-demand TV content and live streaming. Modified versions of various official applications can also be downloaded from this store.

95030652 : Download your favorite applications and utilities from this codenamed FileLinked Reviews on This & That. You also have access to many modified applications. The code also includes deals and discounts on devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Bluetooth keyboards and more.

76115743 : This code store is called Kingson APK Store and gives you access to over 100 APKs. Yes, your favorite streaming apps are on it. However, it also has several useful applications such as a browser, cleaning tools, etc.

33627466: Another of the best FileLinked codes for streamers. Whether you use Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV, if you like to stream and watch TV, you should try this code. It has many apps for movies, shows, live streaming and much more.

The Best File Link Codes for Kodi

Kodi is a great multimedia program. Allows you to install third-party addons and builds. However, it is not always necessary to install them manually. There are several FileLinked codes that offer pre-installed versions of Kodi (which themselves come with pre-installed add-ons).

Here is a list of FileLinked codes for Kodi:

51829986 : We talked about this FileLinked code earlier in this article, but we haven’t gotten to the Kodi part yet. From this store, you can install Kodi with Slamious Build, Xanax Build Wizard, Insomniacs Build, Xenon Build, etc.

85810914 : This FileLinked storage from Electrical MD comes pre-installed with Xanax Kodi and Xenon Build.

67664537 : Stream IT All is a popular storage system for file links. This is already one of our top five FileLinked codes. Here you can find a preinstalled version of Slamious. It also offers Kodi options with the Xanax Build Wizard and Diggz Xenon Plus Wizard pre-installed. With these pre-installed add-ons, you can quickly install the constructs of your choice.

71607934 : If you are looking for code related to file with pre-installed build wizard add-ons, this is the code to try. You will find variants of Kodi with Xanax Build Wizard, Chef Builds Wizard, Supreme Builds Wizard and Diggz Xenon Wizard pre-installed.

28002962 : This file link store is called Diggz Fan Store and is mainly dedicated to Kodi and Kodi Forks. This store has Kodi with pre-made builds, but also popular forks like CDMC. You will also find many popular streaming applications, as well as utilities like Mouse Toggle, ES File Explorer and others.

How to Keep Your Stream Private

Your FireStick / Fire TV is now ready to play your favorite content. But before I begin, let me warn you that everything you send online is visible to your ISP and to the government. This means that watching movies, TV shows and sports broadcasts for free can get you in trouble with the law.

Fortunately, there is a reliable way to hide all your streaming activities from your ISP and the government. All you need is a good VPN for the Fire Stick. A VPN masks your original IP address and helps you bypass Internet monitoring, ISP restrictions, and geographic content limitations.

Personally, I use and recommend ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN. It is compatible with all types of streaming applications and is very easy to install on the Fire TV / Stick.

We do not encourage copyright infringement. But what if you accidentally upload content from an illegal source? It is not always easy to distinguish between a legal and an illegal source.

So, before you start streaming on the Fire Stick / Fire TV, let’s see how you can use ExpressVPN to hide your streaming activities from prying eyes.

Step one: Sign up for ExpressVPN HERE. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can use it for free for the first 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the service (which is unlikely), you can ask for a full refund.

Step two: Turn on the Fire TV Stick and navigate to Search and then Search.

Step three: Now type expressvpn (without quotes) into the search bar and select ExpressVPN when it appears in the search results.

Step four: Click Download to install the ExpressVPN application on your Fire TV / Stick.

Step 5: Open the application and enter the credentials you created when you purchased your ExpressVPN subscription. Click on Connection.

Step six: Click on the power icon to connect to the VPN server. That’s it. Now your connection is secure with the fastest and best VPN for FireStick.

You can also learn more about using ExpressVPN with Fire TV / Stick.


So here’s our list of the best FileLinked codes for FireStick, Android TV and other compatible devices. I hope you find this list useful. If you come across any FileLinked code that you think should be listed here, please let us know in the comments section below.


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