6 Ways Gambling Can Hurt Your Physical and Social Health

Most people experience gambling as an occasional amusement which cannot be a bad influence. Here and there we hear the story that someone is a gambler and that he destroyed his family and himself because of gambling, but most often we think that this cannot happen to us. Gambling is a double-edged sword, and both turn against you unless you are one of the lucky few who won the luxury jackpot.

The urge to gamble grows very imperceptibly and the person slowly becomes obsessive and compulsive. Gambling can really harm your physical, financial, mental, and social life. In cooperation with UFABET we did a little research, so in the following text read how this gambling can disrupt your mental and social life.

1. Addiction


One of the most serious psychological consequences is gambling addiction. Very imperceptibly and quickly there is a change in behavior and an addictive pattern of behavior is established. The addictive pattern of behavior is based on the feeling of absolute comfort that is inherent in adults but only in children. The sense of reality is lost, lying, manipulativeness, selfishness, egocentrism, insensitivity, irresponsibility, immaturity are created. An extremely negative attitude towards authority and anyone who tries to help is created.

2. Disorder of mental functions


As the gambler becomes addicted, it is clear that certain mental functions must change. What happens most often is a weakening of concentration, difficult thinking, very frequent and unadjusted mood swings. There are also big problems with a bad memory. All this leads to a state of lethargy, depression, impulsivity. Interests are narrowed and there are almost no motivations.

3. Characteristic personality traits


With gambling addicts, specific personality traits can be noticed that are more recognizable to each gambler. So they become lazy and literally parasitize. There are very few or no abilities for any production work. Contrary to what they really are, they create in themselves a sense of omnipotence and grandiosity.

4. Comorbidity


Something that is a rule and not an exception when it comes to the mental disorders of gambling addicts is comorbidity. It shows conditions or diseases that go along with the main problem. Because gamblers are addicted to nicotine and alcohol, they are very often addicted to narcotics as well. They possess attention deficit disorder, hyperactive disorder, suffer from depression and anxiety.

5. Interpersonal communication


Mention mental disorders, of course, that they must have consequences on social relations as well. One of the most obvious social consequences is very poor communication with the social environment. Very often, gamblers get into conflict situations. Since they have a high opinion of themselves, they are always ready to quarrel, criticize others, disrespect other people’s work. And all this by glorifying themselves. This is how relationships with partners, family members, and close people are starting to be broken. Of course, the family suffers the greatest consequences.

6. Occupational consequences


The gamblers cannot progress in business, on the contrary. They are often absent from work, their quality of work decreases and in addition to all that, they have poor communication. We have already mentioned intolerance towards the authorities, so conflicts over the employer are a very common thing among this group.

Of course, all this brings with it economic consequences, so gamblers are usually involved in big deals and criminal activities. It takes a long time for their family and the gambler to get out of financial debt.

There is no question about it, accessing drugs has been an easier and better experience than accessing traditional behavioral health services. But with the advent of technology, online therapy is more convenient than traditional in-person therapy or counseling, and Confidant Health makes it easy to sign up and get started.

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